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Founded over 40 years ago, PubliGestion is now the main advertising agency in Haiti.

A team of more than 20 talented men and women constitutes the heart of our offer. We are communication experts, innovators who are inspired by local cultural practices when creating products, services, spaces and opportunities. We know and understand Haiti and our methods are based on a single and integral system. Memorable. Influential. Persuasive. Interactive. We are shaping market behaviors and mentalities in a progressive and sustainable manner.

PubliGestion brings together marketing researchers, an anthropologist, strategic planners, copywriters, graphic and 3D designers, a sound engineer, a media and public relations specialist, social media marketing specialists, project managers and shopping. We all work in a collective commitment to achieve excellence in a consistent manner.

We offer our services and have been active in Haiti, continuously, for over 40 years and have acquired an excellent knowledge of the Haitian market.

Fields of activity


Know your market. Understanding the dynamics and perceptions of your market is key. Whether qualitative research, quantitative surveys or a combination of the two, PubliGestion has been exploring the Haitian market for years … to measure brand recognition, map trends, understand habits and mentalities, measure the impact… All our creativity and our strategic efforts are based, at the outset, on surveys leading to an appropriate knowledge of the market. We even have our own “laboratory” to lead and monitor focus groups.

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Strategic planning

At the intersection of business and creativity, lies strategic planning. Here, we use specialist knowledge and imagination to refine marketing strategies and guide creative work. All communication channels and platforms must generate value. We know that ideas remain ideas until they are put into practice. Creativity, energy, concentration, good use of resources are all combined to allow us to keep our promise and even exceed them.

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PubliGestion hosts a multidisciplinary team including a statistician, an anthropologist, strategic planners, editors, graphic and 3D designers, videographers, photographers, a sound engineer, a media and public relations specialist, marketing specialists social media and community leaders, project and purchasing managers. We are all united in a collective commitment to achieve excellence. Our equipment and facilities are modern. We have our own recording and production studio which works with resident talents.

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The reason why we never miss the target is no secret: we combine metric evaluation, statistics, flair and hard negotiations for each placement, it’s simple! An approximate approach, even with broad coverage, wastes time and money. Let our media professionals roll up their sleeves to get a clear idea of ​​where and when your prospects and customers are listening and offer you a tailor-made media plan. And for all your online broadcasts, our digital team will be happy to develop and execute your distribution plan.

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Digital Marketing

We study what makes the Haitian market click and we know its language, its habits, its aspirations. Choosing PubliGestion Digital means choosing a team of proven strategists and creatives who guarantee you unprecedented results. PubliGestion constantly invests in its human capital as well as its tools for creating resonant content and conversations. Haiti is 6.8 Million mobile connections with more than 4 Million who actively exchange on social networks. Yes, that says a lot.

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Public relations

Skillfully manage the media in Haiti and in the diaspora; generate a significant presence in newspapers and air time in the main media, harness the power of influencers to engage consumers and create brand equity …
Let us manage your crisis with elegance, let us launch your product aggressively, let us manage your reputation as if our lives depended on it. The world’s biggest brands and reputable local brands trust PubliGestion for all their public relations needs.

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“Some of our Clients and our work…”

Our Portfolio


PubliGestion is without a doubt the main marketing company in Haiti. ”


We trust PubliGestion for our flagship brand: Prestige. That says a lot. ”


Their campaigns are great. Their jingles are catchy. Their production stands out from the rest. Their marketing skills are second to none. ”


PubliGestion is the key to the success of our brands. A solid team of strategic planners and brilliant creations enables them to provide world class service. ”


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